Burns coaching duo firing-up the track team

Kaitlyn Keyes, Staff Writer

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It’s a well-known fact that the mother-son relationship is a special one. But though the mother-son dynamic is often quite strong, track coaches KaeBee Burns and his mother Carolyn Burns are continuing to develop their bond into adulthood by working together, a unique occurrence this day in age.
Coach KaeBee and Coach Burns have been coaching on the Liberty track team together for two years now, and the mother-son duo has had a positive impact on the track team dynamic.
“It’s been really fun and exciting to see how they interact with each other. They both build off of each other and have been supporting the team as well,” senior captain Gabie Owens said.
Coach Burns was a Liberty track coach when Coach KaeBee and Coach Foote were both in high school. When Coach KaeBee got a job as the Liberty track jump coach and later as the head boys and mid-distance coach, head girls Coach Foote and Coach KaeBee managed to convince her to return to Liberty and coach jumps.
In high school, Coach Burns was a large part of what motivated both Coach Foote and Coach KaeBee to pursue coaching track. Now, working alongside the two, she has been a major influence on them and their own coaching styles, as well as supporting them in the development of track participants.
“It’s been beneficial to the kids because they’re learning from her and she’s super knowledgeable about what she’s doing,” head girls Coach Kelsey Foote said.
Beyond just helping the team develop, however, their status as a mother-son duo has also helped the pairs’ own relationship remain strong as well.
“We hang out together a lot. We’re a really close-knit family because we’ve always done a lot of stuff together. Even to the fact that I bought him an Easter basket and he’s 30,” Coach Burns said.
The Burns family coaching has had an impact on their relationship, on the team, and on the individual athletes as well.
“They’ve been a huge encouragement when I’m down or discouraged,” Owens said. “They’re always there to encourage me and lift me up.”