Patriot Profile: Derek Bui is head over heels for tricking

Alex Hartford, Backpage Editor

Sophomore Derek Bui is flipping out. Not in the conventional sense, but physically.
Bui practices the act of “tricking,” which could be explained as a combination of martial arts and gymnastics, with a little parkour and breakdancing sprinkled in for some flair. When performing, he completes a mesmerizing combination of flips, spins, and kicks in rapid succession, as his body flies through the air in an almost impossible fashion.
Tricking has many roots, and has developed a culture all its own. Moves include the flash kick, the butterfly twist and the double leg.
Competitive tricking is a worldwide sport, with passionate tricksters everywhere posting their routines online and gathering for competitions.
“The key to tricking is spinning in a lot of circles. Figure out how to not get dizzy, and you’re good,” Bui said.
Tricking has even gotten some recent media exposure, with characters in Netflix’s Daredevil as well as 2010’s Tron: Legacy using the art.
Bui’s been doing tricking for about a year now. He began after a family member got him into the sport. He’s been practicing hard ever since.
“I think it is an awesome sport, and an art, and other people should try it out,” Bui said.