Girls tennis hopes to shine this season

Alex Hartford, Backpage Editor

Imagine waiting all winter long for spring sports. Your friends are talking all about it, you dream about the success and victory awaiting you, and you start to look forward to all the hard work that you’ll go through to achieve that success.
Imagine now, three weeks into the season, pouring rain keeps you from practice for the third week in a row, and your entire attitude, your entire life even, is controlled by the earth’s atmosphere.
This is the reality that girl’s tennis faces this year as they begin another year of competition, as after three weeks of pouring rain, they all hope for a sunny day.
“I’m embarrassed to say that we now have a varsity team decided exclusively by watching the girls hit balls against the wall,” coach Mike Salokas said.
This weather affected the team similarly last year, when two weeks into the season the team had yet to practice.
“I feel it may affect us early in the season, but after a while we’ll get into regular routines and we’ll be fine,” senior captain Sienna Rice said.
Despite the rain and wind, the team stays idealistic, believing they can match or even beat their 10-3 record last year.
“The quality of players that we’ve gotten, as well as our record, have definitely gotten better as the team’s grown, and we’ve got a lot more players this year that are more committed to improving,” junior captain Grace Lee said.