Swagged-Out Freshman

For your first year of high school you decide you need to clear out the usual Hollister and Abercrombie. It’s high school; you need to mix it up. But what style will you choose? Motivated by the smooth flow of Tyga, Rick Ross and Drake you have a moment of clarity and decide to go for the swag look. Surely this will get you the respect you deserve from your peers. So on the weekend you roll up to Zumiez with your mom’s credit card and buy all the latest from Stussy Obey and Casual Wear. All of the employees know you and your swag on a first name basis. You gave your number to that cute girl in the sun dress last week and you totally are hitting it off.  She does keep bringing up the fact that she already has a boyfriend, but you know she’s just playing hard-to-get. To complete your look you get a snapback, ignoring the fact that it costs $40 and you have to purchase it on layaway. Money can’t get in the way of a hustler like you. The fake diamond ear piercings complete the look. You feel like a beast for the whole week because nobody has as much swag as you. You have swag on maximum; the swag makes you invincible. You think it’s at an all-time high when you roll up to the Hazen game bumping the latest bangers from Drake’s new album, a fistful of water in hand. At the right moment, you dump it on everybody, as you are sure it will impress that cute girl in 2nd period; nevermind that the seniors hate you. Haters are your motivation. Swagged Out Freshman you’re one of us.