Kami Konnoisseur Kid

Junior year is finally upon you. Gone are the days of hiding in the trunk of that cool senior that lives in your neighborhood to get the goods from off campus. Your parents just bought a new BMW for your birthday and you got the coveted off campus sticker so you’re all ready to explore the plethora of food options beyond the gates of Liberty. But where will you go? That morning you decide for the inaugural venture off campus you will roll deep in the 3 series to Kami. Your mouth waters all of 2nd period dreaming of the hot take out box full of General Tso’s chicken. The bell rings. You spring into action and run full tilt out to your car. You start it up and the homies hop in. You queue up All Gold Everything on the stereo to complete the adventure. The BMW power gets you to Kami in record time. Finally the chicken you have dreamed about is yours. Taking your bite is like winning Olympic gold. You repeat this journey day after day not caring that it costs you 50 dollars a week. Money is no object when it comes to teriyaki. You have tried every item. Every last beef, chicken, and pork dish. The employees bow down when you enter the establishment. You know that the lunch special is for peasants and real gangsters get crunk with the dinner size.  Your veins circulate soy sauce through your body. Kami has konsummed every moment of your life. Your drive is no longer grades but eating the greatest culinary achievement of mankind.  Kami Konnoisseur Kid, you’re one of us.