The  life of an artist is the life you’ve chosen. To be considered as one of the greats like Leonardo Davinici or Joe Dapper is the ultimate dream of yours. Years of training have prepared you for your quest to fine arts stardom. From the humble beginning at Mrs. Calvo’s sweat shop, to your final portfolio piece in studio art you are well prepared. The years of studying abroad in Venice are taking a toll on you. What are you going to do with your self-proclaimed artistic talent? It’s simple. Your canvas: a brown paper sack, filled with artistic tools. What looks like a random assortment of fruits, goldfish, and sandwiches are actually a creative assembly of the world’s most exotic and beautiful foods. The urge to capture this image and share it with the world overtakes you. Using a high tech device—a smart phone—you take a quick snap and a painless post on Instagram enlightens the world to your eye for art—an art hidden in the food you eat. The newfound inspiration you’ve acquired has given you a greater purpose in life. No longer will you be content with playing paper football with your Mom’s friends.  From the greased up slices of bread know as pizza at Liberty to the magnificent slices of chicken from the kingdom of Ezell’s you capture each breath-taking image.    Food-Photographer-Kid, you’re one of us.