College mail is a college fail

Signe Stroming, Editor-In-Chief

It seemed harmless enough at the time. Who knew filling in those small address boxes on the PSAT registration would result in such a total inundation of college mail? Since the end of sophomore year, a trickle of generic white envelopes swelled into a tsunami of pamphlets oozing with expensive ink and desperation. Curious just how much mail would arrive, I began collecting every piece I received. As of October 21, I received 27.1 lbs. of college letters, pamphlets, and booklets. That’s the weight of a large toddler! There might be value in college mail, if not for the fact that every single letter is exactly the same!  Oh really, your college has good professors? It has a beautiful campus? It has a pleasant bunch of multicultural students studying and laughing on a center quad? The search for the right college is overwhelming, and being swamped with college mail does not make it any easier. Colleges, save your money, paper, and time; I don’t need a mailbox bursting with letters I won’t even open. And don’t even get me started on the emails!