Liberty congestion: old problems in a new school

Ian Page, Senior Writer

You’re late, and you hastily sprint to class in an attempt to beat the bell and remain in your teacher’s good graces.  Then you run head first into a seemingly mile-long backup of students, backpacks and pure annoyance. We all know that the building is new and that we have to take time to get used to it but the constant blockage is something that none of us anticipated. And in addition to the crowded stairwells during passing periods people walk slowly and on the wrong side of the halls exacerbating the problem. This isn’t England, Japan or Australia. The left side of the stairs is not for you. However we can draw a line from this additional problem right back to the unfinished construction: if the outside pathways were actually done, perhaps the hallways would not be a traffic jam of rushed students every passing period but we do have to take the blame as students though. It needs to be realized that we do not all have to all cram into a single hallway each morning on the way to class. So, even though we are struggling as a school to cope with the construction setbacks, we as Patriots need to have the ability to outsmart the congestion.