The nightmare of owning a parking spot

Skyler Radford, Focus Editor

Imagine pulling into the liberty parking lot with ten minutes to spare. You’re so proud of getting to school early and when you go to park in your beloved spot, horror comes over you.


Some big truck is parked perfectly in your spot.


The nightmare begins of where on earth to park. The visitor parking isn’t an option, and another person’s spot isn’t either. The streets are all full unless you go down several roads.


What was once perfect timing quickly became a mad dash down several streets to make it by the second bell. People, this isn’t cool. We pay a lot of money to have a parking spot. It’s a privilege and honor. So in what way is it ever right or ok for someone to just take it for their own convenience? Yeah you might be on time, but the rightful owner of the spot won’t be.


Guys, it’s rude and risky to take a spot. You’re not only making someone very mad, but risking getting towed or vandalized by the frustrated victim who rightfully owns that spot. There’s a chance you could even get reported to Montalvo and who knows what will happen. He might give you a ticket or ban you from the lot.


Then later in life what actions are you going to make? Will you continue taking parking spots or advance to robbery, because that’s what you’re practicing, robbing a parking spot from a more deserving student. Is it really worth the risks? Are you really that kind of person?


If you didn’t buy a parking spot, you don’t get one. To all the victims of stolen parking spots, we at the patriot press feel your pain.