Over-achievers need some slack in their lives–so give it to them.

Katrina Filer, Editor-In-Chief

It’s a phrase that people spout out without thinking: “You’re such an over-achiever!” Anyone who writes a few more sentences in that paragraph, anyone who records that extra trial in their chemistry experiment, anyone who dares study for that math test, is immediately shut down by that one label that is thrown into their face far too much. Over-achiever.

What do people accomplish by admitting someone has achieved more than them? After all, shouldn’t that be a compliment? But people turn the tables, saying that setting higher goals and putting in more effort is a bad thing, something to be laughed at. Why? Because they don’t want to admit that their essay, their test, their project, was simply not as good.

Students hide behind the fact that they have sports, activities, responsibilities, that keep them from going the extra mile for their classes. These are all perfectly valid reasons, but that doesn’t mean they should bog other people down through their condescending attitude towards excellent schoolwork.

Are you ever accused of over-achieving because you dove for that ball during your game even though you knew you couldn’t get it? Did anyone ever tease you because you sang well, danced well, created some really quality artwork? You certainly weren’t ever called a try-hard because you beat everyone at Mario Kart. So stop criticizing people that decide they want to excel at school just like you excel in other areas.

The human race has a desire to create quality. Not everyone may admit it, but they do try hard in at least one thing in their life, because they have that natural drive for accomplishment and purpose. For some people, that one thing they really value and can be great at is school. Their work means more than just another grade. Don’t try to belittle other people’s successes just to feel more competent yourself. For once, try giving the “over-achievers” a compliment instead of a label.

And then have a nice conversation about Mario Kart.