Julius Boehm pool renovated

Valerie Adams, Feature Editor

Over the summer, Julius Boehm pool in Issaquah went under a $5 million renovation. The girls’ swim and dive team couldn’t be happier about this makeover.

“I remember getting into the pool and being grossed out,” sophomore Marina Prado said.

The pool got a new paint job and added all brand new water to the pool. The clean water makes the pool look much nicer and being able to see the wall while you’re swimming because there isn’t murky water is a lot safer (and just a lot less disgusting).

“Everything was really run down,” senior and captain Lauryn Hepp said. “Now, the water is much clearer and cleaner. It’s a nicer environment to be in.”

Not only has the pool itself been transformed, many other parts of the building have changed. There used to be tiny locker rooms that only had a few benches, and the shower floors were slimy and nasty. Now, there are much larger and cleaner locker rooms and there is also much better air quality.

“It used to be boiling in there,” Prado said. “I felt bad for the parents that would watch our meets since I knew they were getting really hot since there was terrible air circulation.”

There are a few features at the pool that may go under the radar to the untrained eye, but people who use the pool frequently know some things that others might not. The pool deck isn’t as bumpy as it used to be, making it a lot easier to walk on while you’re barefoot. There also is a water fountain on the pool deck, so we don’t have to go out to the lobby to fill up our water bottles.

The renovation might not be perfect, but it’s pretty darn good. Let’s see how long the Issaquah community can keep the place shiny and new.