The importance of giving back this holiday season

Connor Cherry, Backpage Editor

Starting with Thanksgiving, we are ushered into what many think is the most magical time of the whole year. Yes fellow Patriots, we are talking about the Christmas season. Christmas is the time where we engage in the spirit of giving to show our friends, family and loved ones that we care. While materialistic giving is well and good and can be easily justified, it is important to give back as well as give.

Take the time this season or later in the year to find a way to give back or show others that you care in ways besides giving them the latest and greatest gadget. While you shouldn’t rule out gift giving as a whole, it is very important to do activities with people to show your appreciations. Go out to a movie, see a concert or simply have a catch up conversation. It is very important to go the extra mile to show that you care about your loved ones and that they mean something to you. They will greatly appreciate these extra steps. By doing something for others instead of yourself, you will have greater appreciation for the things people do for you, making you feel better holistically.

This time of year is one that infects all of us with the spirit of giving and serves as a time to reflect on the past year before jumping into a brand new one come January. So this holiday season Patriots, take the time to give back to the ones you love.