Chrissy Bressler leaves Liberty

Caitlyn Croppi, News Editor

Found in the Counselor’s office, Chrissy Bressler has been Liberty’s registrar since 2015. But coming next school year, she is moving out of the district to work at Risdon Middle School in the Renton School District and be their registrar.
“I’m going to miss Liberty a lot; my favorite thing about Liberty was being the staff PTSA outreach coordinator. That means I worked with PTSA to get kids what they needed, from breakfast and food for the weekends to clothing and toiletries,” Bressler said.
In almost five years, Bressler has made a lot of good memories, but her favorite occurred very recently.
“My favorite memory was this year’s prom because it was where I went to my senior high school prom! I loved being able to experience the aquarium with very few people there. It was so much fun to see the seniors all dressed up and having a once in a lifetime experience at such a cool place,” Bressler said.