Math club earns second place at “Math is Cool” competition

Daniel Noble, Staff Writer

The math club is characterized in pop culture as a haven for the kids that are shoved into lockers and given wedgies, but Brigitte Larkin, Math Club’s Public Relations Officer, is working hard to rebrand Liberty’s math club as a space for anyone, no matter their skill level, to improve their math skills.
“We all enjoy our time together as nerds,” said Larkin. “There’s been a big turnout this year of people excited to do math!”
Math club’s time together paid off when twenty-four of the club’s students traveled to the annual “Math is Cool” competition. Separated into two teams (underclassmen and upperclassmen)the Patriots represented Liberty well; each finished second in their divisions. The second place wins mark Liberty history; it’s the highest Liberty’s Math Club has ever placed regionally.
As a result of their win, eight members are moving on to the next level of competition, Masters at Moses Lake on November 17. To prepare, the competitors meet up to three times a week, though anyone is welcome at the weekly Tuesday meetings in Angie Kruzich’s room.