After 43 years as a teacher, Kathy Creveling retires

Hannah Norton, News Editor

In 1974, Kathy Creveling took her first teaching job and began working in the Issaquah School District in 1992.

During her career, she has worked from the elementary to post-high school level, teaching special education, reading, English, math, biology, and currently working as Liberty’s graduation specialist. As of June 20, Creveling will officially retire from Liberty High School.

“I originally went to college to work for NASA, but when I found out I couldn’t be an astronaut, I majored in math and computer science in Pullman,” Creveling said. “Then, after watching someone work with autistic twins for a psychology class, I was thinking, ‘how can I do this?’ So I transferred to a dual special education and education major at Western.”

Creveling believes that the most important part of teaching is helping students reach their full potential.

“I want to make sure to give students the keys they need,” Creveling said. “It’s up to you to decide which doors you want to get through to achieve the life you want, but it’s up to teachers to give them the keys.”

During her retirement, Creveling plans to travel, rescue horses, study beekeeping, garden, volunteer, and spend more time with family.

“I’m really looking forward to spending more time with my grandsons,” Creveling said. “One of them has half-days once a week, so I will be able to spend nearly entire days with him.”

“Ms. Creveling has approached every student and every job with an incredibly generous heart for students and what they need,” principal Sean Martin said. “She’s unique in her teaching style, because she’s able to care about students, support them, and hold them accountable, all in one.”