New assistant principle joins Liberty staff

Allie Bowe, Staff Writer

By now students have noticed all of the new faces in the front of the classrooms, and have adjusted to what the new teachers are like. But what people might not know yet is that a new assistant principal has joined Liberty: Erin McKee.

“I didn’t know Liberty very well before I came here. But I’d seen the Liberty cheerleaders and band do their car washes, so that was the only picture I had in my mind of Liberty: really active, involved teenagers washing cars,” McKee said.

McKee moved here from New Hampshire twelve years ago to go to law school but dropped out because she didn’t like seeing everything in the world as a lawsuit. She was a teacher before she came here, but she wanted to make a bigger impact outside her classroom.

She didn’t know much about Liberty before she applied for the job, but she met a student from Liberty over the summer.

“I went to a sushi restaurant on Fourth and I just started talking to my waiter,” McKee said. “It turned out he was a Liberty student. I asked what Liberty was like and he told me ‘there’s always a place for every kind of kid at Liberty’. I thought, ‘Wow, that sounds like a wonderful place to go to school.”

McKee enjoys the time that she spends doing teacher observations because she can watch the teachers interact with kids. Her goal for the year is to keep getting to know everyone at Liberty as much as she can, and start building relationships with them.