Grease production garners 5th Avenue Awards

Brianna Nelson, Entertainment Editor

It’s award season in the world of high school drama programs and this year’s production of Grease is getting a lot of buzz.
The cast and crew of Grease put a lot of hard work into the production in order to put on a successful performance and all of this hard work is being recognized at this year’s 5th Avenue High School Theatre Awards.
This event recognizes high school drama programs across Washington with over 100 schools participating. Even with the awards being highly competitive, Liberty’s drama program was recognized in multiple categories.
The Grease cast and crew have been nominated for the “Outstanding Lobby Display” award for the display put together by Heidi Unger, Alyssa Whorley, and Carson Wong, as well as the “Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Group” for the performance The Burger Palace Boys put on.
“It is an absolute honor to receive two nominations from the Fifth Ave.,” senior Logan Johnson said, “The nominated students, as well as everyone else involved with the show, put a lot of effort into making Grease the best possible show it could be.”
Johnson also earned an honorable mention in the Best Supporting Actor category for his extraordinary performance as Roger.
“Receiving the honorable mention was pretty cool, I had a blast playing the character and it always feels good to gain a little recognition for your hard work,” said Johnson.
In the Special Student Achievement category, senior Alya Phillips is also being honored for her amazing work in props over the last few years.
This unity between the cast and crew had is what made Liberty’s production stand out.
“Since we are all really close, we work, laugh, and struggle through tech week with each other,” said sophomore Carson Wong, who is part of both of the nominated groups. “We appreciate being there for one another, and that’s the beauty of theatre.”