Class advice

As we prepare to move up into our new grade levels, it’s time to start thinking about our new roles here at school. Here is some heartfelt advice for incoming seniors, juniors, and sophomores!

Emily Allard, Backpage Editor


  • Save every single penny you earn this year for prom. It is the single most important night of the year. The more money you save, the more extravagant your outfit can be! 
  • Take as many senior skip days as possible. Plan a skip day at least once a month.This is your fourth grueling year of high school. You deserve a break!
  • Now is the time to commit to a relationship. It doesn’t matter where the two of you will end up after graduation. No matter what people say, long distance WILL work!
  • If you experience the so-called “senior slump”, Ms. Daughters is the person to go to for advice. She will empathize with you.



  • You’re an upperclassman now! Make sure that everyone knows it. Stare down every freshman you see and cut off every sophomore in the parking lot. That may have been you last year, but you’re different now.
  • Find a senior that will take you to prom (most should be willing)! This way, you know exactly what to expect for next year and don’t have to deal with FOMO
  • If you’re taking the SAT, there’s no need to study! It’s a standardized test for a reason. Everything you need to know is right in front of you! 
  • There’s no need to start considering your post-high school plan this year. That’s what senior year is for!



  • You’re no longer at the bottom of the totem pole. You have seniority over the freshman, and you have to make sure they know it. Offer them intensive advice and warn them about all the horrors you’ve been through. They’ll recognize your wisdom! 
  • Mr. Level LOVES the use of contractions. Using words like don’t, won’t, can’t, etc. will guarantee you an A in Honors Lit!
  • Once you can drive, make sure to never wait your turn at the four-way stop. You have places to be! Also, don’t worry about getting a parking pass. It’s not your fault they all sold out!
  • There’s no need to start looking for a job. Employers will come to you, and what do you need money for anyway? Focus on spending all your time with your friends.