Look out for The Patriot Presstaurant

Daniel Flash, Backpage Editor

Get ready for the Patriot Presstaurant! 

DECA has the Patriot Pantry, culinary has L’Café, why stop there? Now introducing to Liberty High School, the Patriot Presstaurant! This brand new, 5-star gourmet restaurant will be run straight from the Journalism Lab itself! Situated right in the middle of the downstairs hallway, it’s a great place to grab some food on the way to your next class. 

We have a lot of food options for you to choose from. For the past six months, each journalism section has worked tirelessly to perfect a menu item that will be showcased in this school. 

From the Backpage section, you will find the Backpage Bagel. Only made from the fanciest imported New York bagels, we lightly toast each half for 45 seconds and then smother a quarter cup of cream cheese onto both sides. Finished off with two hand caught pieces of lox from the sewage pond out by the field. Our Backpage editors wake up bright and early every morning to go out and catch the fish. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a before-school snack to help get you through the day. 

From the Sports section, we have the Sports Spaghetti. Hand-rolled spaghetti pasta elegantly drenched in a sweet, tangy tomato sauce. Freshly picked basil sits on a mountain of parmesan cheese. While generating this dish idea, the Sports editors really wanted each and every consumer to fully undergo the experience of eating spaghetti. The idea was that they were worried that the thought of staining your shirt with tomato sauce would override the experience of eating the food. To help deal with this problem, with every purchase of spaghetti there is a complimentary shirt-tomatoeing so that you can just enjoy the food and not worry about getting your shirt dirty! Here at the Patriot Presstaurant, we always think about what would be best for the customers.

Our last menu item that we will be showcasing is the Entertainment Eggnog. Spices like cinnamon and nutmeg will swarm into your mouth making you feel like you’re dancing with Rudolph in the North Pole. You can purchase this drink at any point of the year and it will transport you back into the holiday season. We only plan on making about four portions of this dish because who even likes eggnog anyways?

At the Patriot Presstaurant, we put the customer first. We want you to have the best consumer experience possible that starts with our delicious food. 24-hour service is what you asked for, and that is what you are going to get. Opening in Fall 2023, feel free to visit us as we help turn the Liberty dining experience into a 5-star experience. Tips are required 🙂