Last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas

Emily Allard, Backpage Editor

Mother’s Day is just two days away now, and I think it’s safe to say that a good deal of us have forgotten about it. Moms work hard, and every year we forget to put the slightest bit of thought into a gift for whoever we may be celebrating. Luckily for you all, I’m here to make sure no one turns up empty-handed this year. Here are six attainable and affordable gift ideas to make your mom’s day. 

A delicious dinner 

This is perfect if you find yourself in the worst-case scenario: it’s mid-afternoon on the day of Mother’s Day, and somehow you’re just realizing your mistake. The solution is simple and rather efficient. Tell your mom that you’ll take care of dinner tonight—if she normally does the cooking, she’ll already be delighted just to have a break. Then, to really make things special, heat up and nicely plate some leftovers from a dinner she made. She’ll be so happy to see just how much you love her cooking! 

A beautiful bouquet 

Luckily, Mother’s Day takes place during the prime of spring. This means there are probably some nice flowers in the yard that you can quickly make a bouquet out of. If you find yourself without a gift on the morning of, simply go outside and pick from the prettiest flowers. To go the extra mile, add in some weeds to make her yard work easier. She’ll appreciate your help, and it will show her how much you love her garden! 

A nice necklace

If you have some extra time on your hands and are looking to give your mom something from the heart, make her a necklace or even a bracelet. To make it extra sentimental, use all of your mom’s favorite souvenirs. You and your siblings’ baby teeth, some locks of your hair, and even some dryer lint that came from all of her favorite clothes. Giving it that personal touch will turn it into something memorable that she can cherish forever. 

A classy cookbook

Perfect for a mom who likes to cook. You can make this by yourself or as a collaborative gift with your siblings. Simply compile a list of all the recipes you want your mom to make for dinner. Not only will she be flattered that you want to eat more of her tasty meals, but she’ll also never have to be upset by someone complaining about what’s for dinner ever again. Or even better, fill the book with maps to your favorite restaurants. Next time she complains about having to cook, subtly leave the book open on the Chipotle on Gilman Boulevard page! Everyone’s day will be better. 

A well-made wallet

A wallet is something most people use, but rarely think to buy for themselves. A good number of us definitely had a duct tape phase at some point and chances are you still have some lying around. Go find your mustache duct tape and follow a YouTube tutorial to make one of those duct tape wallets that were all the rave in elementary school. Your mom will appreciate your hard work and creativity, and now she can carry some extra money the next time she takes you out shopping.