Why summer sucks

Daniel Flash, Backpage Editor

This might hurt you, but summer sucks. It really does. Now obviously, that was a joke, but there are some things about summer that really need to be complained about more. For example, the scorching hot seat belt that burns your skin when you get in your car or beach sand getting stuck in between your toes and making a mess everywhere. Summer is only bad for the most random of reasons, and I’m here to expose the overhyped season. 


  • Road trips through the mountains 
  • Movie nights in the backyard
  • Pool parties on a 95 degree August day
  • Ice cream from the Ice cream truck
  • Driving with the windows down


  • Popsicles juice making your hands sticky
  • College tours 
  • Sock tans, watch tans, sunglasses tans, swimsuit tans 
  • 4th of July fireworks. The length, the noise, and the dog barking. 
  • Putting on sunscreen every 2 hours