Gabrielle Parrish – English

Gabrielle Parrish wins the 2021 English department medallion awarded by Jennifer Dragavon.

“Gabi has consistently challenged herself and demonstrated significant growth and accomplishments throughout her high school career making her an excellent choice for recognition by the English Department. Whether it was AP Lang, AP Lit, or serving as a member of the newspaper team, Gabi has done outstanding work. The pandemic and remote learning, while a significant challenge for all of us, has offered Gabi new opportunities to excel. Ms. Daughters, journalism teacher and student newspaper advisor, reports that “from the time we began planning [remotely] in August, Gabi has helped create an entire system for article drafts and editing using Google docs, a way to communicate using Discord, and taught numerous lessons on all aspects of journalistic writing and using InDesign. She and her team even put together a fun video on how a newspaper is made – from brainstorming all the way to publication day.” In AP Lit, Gabi has excelled and served as a leader in our remote classroom. Gabi engages wholeheartedly in discussions, helping to guide her peers in meaningful literary conversations. She is open-minded and welcoming of differing perspectives. Her writing reveals a level of maturity and sophistication in both her comprehension of texts and in her ability to explore nuanced components of the various stories we read. She consistently writes clearly and elegantly and seeks opportunities to continue to develop her skills. Her friendly and positive attitude make her a pleasure to work with, and we have no doubt that her future will be filled with success.”

Congratulations, Gabrielle!