A definitive tier list of Liberty’s hallways

Naia Willemsen, Spotlight Editor

Christmas movies, snack food, YouTuber apologies—people rank everything. Obviously, the Liberty High School hallways are at this caliber and very important for everyone to understand. So I have set about the extremely taxing task of putting the hallways into a tier list. This is my opinion, but also, if you disagree, (politely) you are wrong.

S tier: I go out of my way to use this hallway

-The main downstairs hallway outside the J-lab: obviously, the J-lab hallway is superior because the J-lab is superior. My favorite place in the school, and so this hallway is also great. The lighting is a bit mediocre (a little dark) but acceptable. Also, it has bathrooms that usually aren’t too crowded AND is a wider hallway which means more room to walk around people who walk slowly.

A tier: Enjoyable; solid hallway

-The walk to the portables: I’ve gotta say, this is a solid hallway most days. Is it a true hallway? No, not really. But on a nice, sunny, spring day, it’s great. You get to see actual sunlight and go outside and stretch your legs, a rarity! On a rainy day, not so great, unless you find trying to run back to the building as fast as possible a fun time (which I do, sometimes).

-The hallway between the library and the office: this is a good hallway because it’s so bright. There are big windows and doors, so it’s usually sunny, and it’s wide enough you won’t bump into anyone. The only con is that the doors in the hallway are locked so you can’t use them.

B tier: Mediocre; not a bad hallway, but not all that great

-The math hallway: a very average hallway. I don’t go there too often, but it’s not somewhere I inherently dislike. It’s very brightly-lit and has windows, which gives it bonus points. However, that one intersection with the stairs by the book room brings it down at least a tier; I avoid that intersection as much as possible. It’s always too crowded and busy and there are too many people there. Seriously, everyone, there are other stairways to use.

The woods/art hallway: this hallway is nice because it smells like wood. Personally, I’m a fan of this smell. It also has art displays, which are pretty fun to look at. However, it’s also very dark (minus points) and can be loud because of woodshop. Overall, not bad, but not great either.

F tier: Avoid like the plague

-The science hallway: unfortunately for all of us who have science classes, this hallway is a necessity. It’s too dark and narrow, and it feels like it doesn’t lead anywhere. Maybe I’m just biased, but I do not like this hallway.

-The hallway by the gym/locker rooms: luckily, as someone who completed all of my PE credits as soon as possible, I don’t spend much time here during the school day. Good thing, too—it’s dark and sorta smells like feet.