No power? No problem

Daniel Flash, Backpage Editor

As Liberty recently witnessed one of the most outrageous power outages in the history of power itself, many students were not able to join their classes. As the mystery of what caused the power outage continued to grow, I, Detective Flash, decided to change into my best detective outfit and get to the bottom of this case. 

First, I decided to interview janitor Mr. Clean. I knew for a fact that Mr. Clean was at the Issaquah School District power plant the day of the incident. He might have some valuable information.

I arrived at the power plant around 12:37 pm and caught Mr. Clean as he was about to head to his lunch break.

DF: Mr. Clean! Hold your horses sir! I’m here to crack open the case of what caused the greatest power outage in the history of mankind, and I believe that you know something I don’t.

Mr. Clean: Okay! I don’t know much about what caused the power outage, but there is one person that might know something.

DF: Sir, you have to tell me. The fate of mankind depends on this. 

Mr. Clean: Fine. I know Mrs. Addition had her power go out that day. She might know something.

DF: Okay, thank you Mr. Clean. You truly are a hero.


After my conference with Mr. Clean, I decided to reach out to Mrs. Addition to see if she knew anything about the power outage. Mrs. Addition is a beloved math teacher in the Liberty community and has been at the school since the very beginning. I set up a Zoom call and interviewed her.


DF: Hello Mrs. Addition, I hope you are having a positive Thursday afternoon. I am here on behalf of the detective agency in order to get to the bottom of the power outage case. Can you describe to me what happened that day?

MA: Well, my power had just gone out and my Algebra 2 class was about to have a test the next period. I sent out an email to my students telling them we didn’t have any class that day. 

DF: Wow, so interesting. How did your students react to your email?

MA: One of my students was very excited for some unknown reason. It was junior Patty Patriot. She might know something.

DF: Okay, thank you for your time.

After my very intriguing talk with Mrs. Addition, I decided to reach out to junior Patty Patriot. She told me what happened to her during the power outage. 

DF: What exactly happened that day?

PP: Well, I was outside when I got a text from my friend saying that her power had gone out. It was really weird; I walked back inside my house to see that my power had also gone out. 

DF: Did you have to miss class?

PP: Yes. I missed math, Spanish, and chemistry, but it was nice because I got to sleep for a little bit while the power was out.

Now, this is where my interview with Patriot took a bit of an unexpected turn.

DF: Were you relieved, scared, or worried that there was no power?

PP: Oh, definitely relieved. I had been trying to make the power go out for so long that I’m happy my plan finally worked.

DF: Wait, back up a little. So you purposely caused a power outage?

PP: Yeah, it was really easy. I just found a couple of rocks and started to throw them at the powerlines until something fell. It took a while, but when I saw sparks flying from the wires, it was a really cool sight.

DF: And why would you do this?

PP: Well, I just didn’t want to take my math test.

So now that the mystery of the power outage is solved, we can all thank junior Patty Patriot for our internet problems that day.