Zoom in real life

Daniel Flash, Backpage Editor

Zoom on a computer is nice, but have you ever wondered what things on Zoom would look like if they were in an actual classroom? How would the class function? Just imagine:

  1. The waiting room: teachers locking their doors and not letting students in until they want to. If you’re late to class, you might as well as get comfortable because you’re gonna be locked out for a long time.
  2. The mute button: basically the teacher putting a piece of tape over your mouth, and every time you want to speak you have to take it off and when you’re done, you put it back on.
  3. Having your camera off: having a cardboard cutout of yourself at your desk so that the teacher thinks you’re there, but you’re really not.
  4. The Chat: you and your friends passing notes across the classroom so that you could have a conversation without the teacher knowing. Also, you can pass notes to the teacher too without the students knowing. Maybe you can plan a prank with the teacher.
  5. Breakout rooms: The teacher tells you to go to different classrooms around the school so that you can do your work. Since the teacher can’t be in all the rooms at once, you can goof around when the teacher isn’t in your classroom.

Zoom has brought us many unpleasant, yet funny memories so far over the course of our online school year. As we take a look into the next coming months, let’s hope for better things to come.