The Pros

October 8, 2020

Online learning is not all doom and gloom. Many Liberty students have discovered the positive side of distance learning and are starting to actually enjoy attending classes from home.

“I like being able to make my own homework schedule,” senior Sarah Caffoe said. This appears to be a popular opinion, as many other students have also stated that they like the more freeform schedule that allows them to complete work on their own time.

This sentiment was only furthered by many students’ fervent approval of the new schedule’s free Wednesdays, where students have virtually the whole day to catch up and work on what they need to.

Another popular plus has been the fact that students are able to attend school from the comfort of their own rooms. 

“The best part of online school is getting to roll out of bed, brush my hair, and boom, I’m ready for class. It just feels a lot more laid back,” freshman Kaitlyn Wales said. 

It seems students are taking full advantage of the new relaxed nature of school, enjoying the fact they can eat whenever they want, wear whatever they want, and even choose to not get out of bed at all. 

However they are choosing to attend class, it’s good to see that students have been able to find a silver lining and are making the most of the situation.

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