Freshman Focus

October 8, 2020

Throughout this whole learning curve, some of us haven’t considered what it’s like for the class who is not only adjusting to online learning but also to high school: the freshmen.

“It was very overwhelming at first, trying to figure everything out technology-wise, but once I did, it got a lot less stressful. Still, the nature of being online is a whole lot harder than in-person learning,” Wales said.

As someone who errs on the side of wanting to go back to in-person schooling soon, Wales was disappointed to start her interactive electives online, like musical theater and choir. Still, she commended Liberty for their online planning and is eagerly waiting until she can go back to in-school learning. 

Yet, for other freshmen, there was a clearer opinion of this online high school transition being much more difficult.

“Jumping from six to eight periods is enough, let alone with a new school, new teachers, new schedules, and being online! It’s too much,” freshman Madison Woodard said. 

Woodard strongly advocates for less homework and supports wanting to go back to school with a hybrid schedule. But, like most of the freshmen surveyed, she was still excited to be a student at Liberty despite how she feels about the workload she’s been given. 

“Liberty seems like an awesome place,” Woodard said. “I would love to go to school there in-person.”

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