The Missing Cell Hotel

On January 14th, 2020, Mrs. Dennis noticed loud chatter from her chemistry students. After trying and failing to bring order to the classroom, she came to the shocking realization that every single student had a phone in their hands, eyes fixated upon their tiny glowing screens. Someone had stolen her cell phone hotel, allowing students’ a to fall unregulated into the deliquent hands of Liberty’s sophomores. Since then, she’s been unable to teach due to students blasting “Renegade” at full volume. In a desperate attempt to close the cell phone loophole, Mrs. Dennis has contacted the Bugle to identify potential suspects and motives of the cell phone hotel heist.

Sylvie Cao, Managing Editor

Christopher Gapinski


  • Potentially motivated by profit of resale
  • There is a new market for tools to technology detox
  • Is always at school for various events, meetings, and presentations
  • Alibi: Doesn’t leave his room in the weeks leading up to competition season

Stephen Darnell


  • Didn’t have his own cell phone hotel at the time Dennis’s was stolen
  • Has a spot on his wall to put a cell phone hotel that he doesn’t actually have
  • Thinks smartphones are unnecessary
  • Alibi: Leaves the portable only to go to the bathroom

Henry Level


  • Very strict cell phone policy
  • Hates cell phones
  • Forces sophomores to do a unit about why technology is bad
  • Hates cell phones a lot
  • Like really hates them, we’re not kidding
  • Alibi: Skipped teaching that day to get donuts (plural)