Do rankings have a purpose?

March 22, 2020

The vast majority of college applications or scholarship applications ask students to provide their rank when they apply. Currently, Liberty students have been putting down N/A to any question asking about rank, which can hurt their chances of getting into the school or getting the scholarship. Many programs require students to be at a certain place in their class (i.e., top 10%), and without a ranking, Liberty students may become ineligible. Additionally, rankings help colleges determine how much a student was able to accomplish given the opportunities that they had (the school they attend). Of course, rankings do not perfectly showcase the full potential of a student, but they do provide an insight that is helpful for colleges or scholarships.

Alternately, many believe that rankings do not help students; After all, many Liberty students have attended college, even some of the highest-ranked schools in the US, without having a ranking to use to get them into the school. And after graduation, who is really going to remember what rank people were or who the valedictorian was? The benefits of ranking might not outweigh the negative competition that they create.

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