Who would benefit?

March 21, 2020

In the world of sports there is a natural hierarchy where football and basketball are favored and therefore paid more than others. Football is favored due to it being an American sport. Basketball is favored because it is played at a high intensity. The inclusion of pay for college athletes would only enhance this separation.
“Male athletes in male sports get more coverage and more publicity,” Yuen said. “They are the ones pushing and arguing for getting paid, not the female athletes.”

Not only would more males be paid, but those endorsed by brands would be the athletes who would go on to have a professional career and make a large amount of money further down the road.
“We are a capitalistic society, so some programs will gain more revenue than others. Those who bring in the revenue should be the ones compensated,” former D1 basketball athlete and athletic director Danielle Zelinski said.
The majority of money will go to the televised athletes, because those are the most known college athletes. So, college football and men’s basketball will most likely reap the majority of the benefits.
Another point to consider is that there are swim and dive and gymnastics athletes that are in their prime at the college level. If they want to compete at the college level they cannot take endorsements of any kind that could secure them for life

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