What about academics?

March 21, 2020

College athletes are called college athletes for a reason. They use their athletic skills to help afford college through scholarships and recruitment. Putting a heavier focus onto the athletic portion of this may take away the academic part.
“It takes away the value of a college education. The whole idea of being a college athlete is that you are a student athlete,” Yuen said.
Some critics fear that allowing endorsements for college athletes would increase pre-existing academic fraud and favor athleticism over academia in the college setting.

“It may take away the integrity of college athletics and the purity,” former NWAACC soccer player and P.E. teacher Darren Tremblay said. “Academics should come first and this idea taints that.”
By focusing more on endorsements for these college athletes, it would allow for more academic fraud due to the heavier focus colleges would put onto their athletic programs.
“There is already so much pressure to get to that next level, so when you start opening these doors, it may increase academic fraud and increase the question of if you are already being paid why do you have to go to school?” Yuen said.

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