How about scholarships?

March 21, 2020

The main question of this argument is if scholarships are enough money for college athletes.
“College athletes are already essentially being paid,” D1 soccer athlete and P.E. teacher Kelsey Foote said. “When I played for Gonzaga, I didn’t have to pay for tuition, books, food, or housing because I had a full ride. Everything that an ordinary college student had to pay for, I didn’t , because I was also an athlete.”
Athletes receive scholarships of varying amounts because of their athletic abilities but none of the money they receive is from the NCAA.
“All these organizations and people are getting millions of dollars and the kids are getting tuition, room and board, which is great, but they should get more,” Zelinski said.

If college athletes do get paid, then how much they should make is also an important decision.
“I don’t think they should get paid anywhere close to professional athletes, but they should get paid in some way,” Tremblay said.
Athletes being compensated for their performances is important. If college athletes receive pay then should they still be considered college athletes?
“If athletes get paid then that’s just not college sports anymore,” D3 football athlete and english teacher Steve Valach said. “But what we currently have is broken.”

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