“Nic-o-stickers” make waves as a cute, cuul juul replacement

Elise Sickinger, Backpage Editor

Many teen dealers are experiencing shortened sales now that the kid-friendly juul flavors we know and love are harder to come by. In a similarly woeful situation, teenagers congregating in cars before school no longer have an easy-to-share, addictive substance to generate fruitless conversation!
The sweet, sweet comfort of our mango-flavored juuls may be gone, but fear not. There is still a way to smell like delicious fruity drugs and be able to talk about your nicotine addiction in a #relatable way.
Student entrepreneur and DECA god, Braedynn MacMillerMasterson, has come up with a viable alternative for all of you deprived kiddos: Nic-o-Stickers.
“They’re like nicotine patches, but not for gross old people,” MacMillerMasterson said. “They have awesome scratch n’ sniff scents, like coconut and watermelon. Plus they look dope AF.”
MacMillerMasterson additionally assures the Liberty student body that his Nic-o-Stickers have something for everyone.
“For all my bros out there, I designed some extremely saucy patch covers: they can come with pictures of LAX sticks, Kate Upton, and my boy Ricegum,” he said.
But don’t worry ladies, MacMillerMasterson has something in mind for you too.
“Yeah, I didn’t really want to, but I also designed a bunch with like avocados, flowers and checker print,” the entrepreneur said. “You know, for all of those basic chicks who think quoting Vine is a sense of humor.”
Here at The Bugle, we think it’s safe to say that Nic-o-Stickers has something for every type of nicotine addict. The sleek, skintight design of Nic-o-Stickers also allows for seamless concealment while at school. You’ll never get cravings, since you’ll be able to wear them 24/7. Plus, while still attached to their plastwic sheets, they can be traded like Yu-Gi-Oh cards. MacMillerMasterson says this dedication to inclusion was inspired by his life-changing experience.
“After getting back from my youth group’s mission trip to Zimbabwe—which is, like, totally dusty by the way—I just felt like giving back to the world. Of course, my biggest daily struggle is the nic cravings I get in class, so I decided to do something. Then, Nic-o-Stickers was born.”
Now, it’s safe to say that the ingenious efforts of Braedynn MacMillerMasterson have soothed our school’s burning thirst for a juul replacement—along with their lungs in the process.