Where’s the beef on… what’s good?

Nathan Jackson, Editor In Chief

Optimism. What’s it good for? All it does is set you up for disappointment. So why is everyone stressing positivity and writing articles about questionably happy things? Reclamation bins? Livestreams? Tell me what makes them good. I’ll tell you: squat. Instead of searching for meaning in valueless things, we should recognize that not everything is sunshine-and-rainbows and pretending to be happy all the time is a near impossibility. We focus on the value of objects with no inherent value, and then write articles about them. We just perpetuate a culture full of fake optimism and a stigma against being negative. So when we write articles about ‘what’s good’, we spit in the face of reality and attempt to hide behind thinly-veiled walls of optimism to prevent ourselves from feeling other feelings like real human beings.