Astronomy: Taught by Mrs. Lin

Reach for the moon and stars next year! For the 2019-2020 academic school year, Liberty will be introducing its first ever Astronomy class!
Mirrored after Skyline High School’s Astronomy class curriculum, this semester-long science course will be taught by chemistry and physics teacher Annette Lin. Topics that will be covered in this course likely include the formation of the solar system, planets and moons, the life and death of stars, galaxies and cosmologies, the history of space exploration, extrasolar planets, dark matter and dark energy, and the Big Bang. In addition, the class will utilize many math skills and will likely be the difficulty of General Physics.
The class curriculum anticipates including numerous real-world applications and traveling field trips throughout the semester. In addition, students will be able to become proficient in Excel, LoggerPro, and computer software through the class’s incorporation of labs, write-ups, and experiments.
“We’re not entirely sure what the class will entail and look like just yet, but I’m excited to teach it!” Lin said.
So, as you anticipate class sign-up, make sure to add Astronomy to your class requests!

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