March 28, 2019

One of the uses for money raised through bonds was Liberty’s renovation, completed in 2016. Two bonds—one passed in 2006, the other in 2012—provided $86,470,000 for the school building to be given a major upgrade. Thanks to these bonds, Liberty gained many new features and rooms, including a new library, ne w auxiliary gym, new classroom wings, and an expanded Performing Arts Center. Also thanks to the 2012 bond, Liberty got new bleachers for $4,875,000.
Liberty’s students appreciate their revamped school building and all its features.
“The other day, I walked into Beaver Lake Middle School,” senior Lilly Moore said.
Beaver Lake has been approved for an upgrade thanks to a 2016 bond, but has not been renovated since 1994.
“I felt like I was in prison,” Moore said. “I was surrounded by cement walls and no windows. So I am very thankful for all of the big windows we have here. It makes things so much happier and brighter.”
Galluzzo agreed that this school is a point of pride, especially given all the construction and funding that went into it.
“My sister was here during the renovation, so she had four years of construction in high school,” Galluzzo said. “So when I got here, getting to experience this brand new school, she told me: if somebody even puts gum under something, I will come to Liberty and hurt them. There is so much work put into this school, and not many people realize that.”

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