Art and Humanity

December 12, 2018

Over 89 percent of Liberty students say that art is important. Perhaps this statistic is due to the benefits art provides, many of which Liberty students are familiar with.
“A lot of times people struggle getting themselves out in the world and themselves being understood,” FitzGerald said. “I feel like art, any form of art, is a good way of doing that and it lets people get to know you better.”
For Murillo, art has been a way to express his imagination.
“Drawing just gives you so much freedom to just create anything. It’s just you, a pencil, and paper and you can essentially draw anything that is on your mind,” Murillo said. “It is such a cool way to translate what you see in your head and show other people what is going on in there.”
Senior Emma Ream, who enjoys visual arts, writing, theater, and sewing, finds a lot of purpose in art.
“As far as my art goes, I personally like to create stuff for a purpose. It is through telling stories that we learn through each other, and it is through art that we can speak the loudest,” Ream said.
Senior Lilly Moore, who enjoys making jewelry and drawing, finds that art allows for creative expression in unusual ways.
“Art helps you spread ideas in unconventional ways. Often times when you create art, you are taking an idea that you have in your head and translating it into a new way of communicating,” Moore said.
Rao agrees that art has important benefits for humanity.
“Art is almost a rebellion, in itself. It literally contributes to nothing society considers to be important. So is it important to society? Definitely not,” Rao said. “But is it important to humanity? It’s one of the last saving graces in our modern world.”

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