Wednesday mornings: a procrastinator’s saving grace

Kaitlyn Keyes, Photography Editor

As high schoolers, along with Netflix and food, sleep deprivation is a constant in our lives.

We’ve all been there–it is late at night and you’re rushing to finish an essay due the next morning. Yawning slightly, you happen to glance at the time on your phone and you realize that somehow three hours have passed and really late at night has miraculously become really early in the morning.

You turn back to the essay, a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach and a nervous stream of sweat beginning to make its way down the back of your neck. But then it hits you; it’s a Tuesday night. Which means one thing–late start Wednesday!

With days blurred in a stream of homework, the attempt to keep up a social life, and whatever other activities (be it sports, clubs, etc.), late start Wednesday mornings provide students the time for much needed rest.

But that’s not all–Wednesday mornings also serve as great time to finish homework that you would otherwise not have been able to complete, what with your already busy day.

And those doctor’s appointments that are causing you to keep missing class? Well, what better time to schedule them then on a Wednesday morning?

Wednesday mornings are a blessing in disguise and a light in the dark during the seemingly never-ending school week.