The secret to Liberty’s clubs

Matthew Rubenstein, Online Editor

One of the best parts about our school is the sheer number of clubs that we have. From Math Club to Key Club to Super Smash Bros Club, Liberty has a club for everyone. And while some of that is because of the diversity of Liberty, most of it is because of our club advisors.

See, each club needs a club advisor to have a club. In theory, a club advisor will be an adult presence in the room, and provide advice to clubs when they need help. But they do so much more than that. Club advisors invest their time and energy into helping their clubs succeed.

This year, I’m in three clubs, so I can personally say that without Liberty’s club advisors, our clubs would not be where they are today. All three of my clubs’ advisors have gone out of their way to help their clubs – Mr. Crowley stepping in to fill the chess club advisor spot when the old advisor left, Mr. Bradley helping to coordinate Science Olympiad purchase orders with the school, and Mrs. Kruzich spending hours of her own time filling out transportation and field trip forms for Math Club.

None of the teachers at Liberty get paid to be club advisors. They do it because they take pride in Liberty’s spirit, they care about their students, and they want their students’ clubs to do well. Whether they’re first-year club advisors, or they’ve kept a club running for years, without them, Liberty would be a much less lively place.

This year, we should all give thanks to the club advisors that tirelessly work behind the scenes to make sure our clubs continue to thrive.