Thanking janitors as Liberty’s unsung heroes

Caitlyn Croppi, News Editor

Take a thousand teenagers, put them all together in one big space, and provide them with school supplies and food. What you get is a mess. Have you seen the cafeteria after lunch?  It’s like a tornado came through, throwing trash, gross food, and who knows what all over the place. The bell rings, and as quickly as it came the trash disappears. The school is clean and fresh like the mess was just a nightmare. As a school, we must be more thankful and respectful for our amazing janitors.


Thank you, janitors. Without you, Liberty’s quality of life would be horrendous. Night and day, you work hard so our school can be clean and by doing so, you create a safe place for one thousand people that spend 70 percent of their week at Liberty. By keeping the school clean, the janitors protect us from many harmful diseases and accidents that would occur. The janitors go above and beyond not only for cleaning but also for setting an example for students and brightening our days with a smile. So, thank you, janitors, for keeping Liberty as bright and shiny as you do.