Thank you for Guided Study

Ella Gage, News Editor

For many of us, looking back on these first couple of months, in the midst of sports, heavy workloads, and a generally hectic and overextended schedule, there is one thing any student taking Guided Study knows they can rely on. Even with the AP workloads and time crunches and procrastination, at least you know there’s always one saving grace: Guided Study. Who knew an hour and a half of free time in silence with a computer and Spotify could be so productive?


There’s something about walking in with the mindset of getting things done because you know you won’t have time later. Studying for a French quiz, reading textbook chapters as fast as humanly possible, knocking out the Pearson online math homework- for those who want it, Guided Study fosters the productive environment and provides the time to do as much as you can without the added distractions of, doing homework at home. We all know, ironically, doing homework at home is maybe (okay, frequently) not the best. Or the most productive.


That’s where the glory of a free work period comes in. You can condense what would be three hours of homework at home into half the time because you’re hyper-focused on the things that need to be done. The fact that there’s literally nothing else to the class besides providing the time needed to study and do homework is major incentive to step up your game and work as fast and accurately as possible in a school environment.


Let’s say you have an essay due by midnight tonight and are missing an entire body paragraph. It needs editing. Your homework from all your other classes are piling up, fast. You have sports practice until seven and don’t get home until 7:30. By the time you start homework it’s eight- and you still have four lengthy assignments and a quiz tomorrow next to your essay. The beacon of light: Guided Study.


Thank you, Guided Study, for saving us time– and for saving us time and time again.