Mrs. Wood: the woman, the teacher, the legend

Elizabeth Rollison, Editor In Chief

There are many things that make a teacher a great teacher: empathy, leadership, instructing ability, talent in her field. Liberty is lucky enough to have a teacher that exemplifies all of these qualities: Mrs. Wood.


The moment that you walk into the choir classroom, it feels like home, and Mrs. Wood is one of the main reasons why. From her genuine care for every single student in her classes, her ability to successfully teach a horde of high schoolers how to sing like angels, and the pearls of wisdom that she liberally sprinkles throughout every class period, it is apparent that she is truly something special.


Mrs. Wood is one of those wonderful people who is a friend, parent, and teacher, all in one, always understanding and kind, while still pushing her singers to be the best they can possibly be. She often says, “You all have a gift. So I push you because I know you can do this.”


Speaking of talent in her field, Mrs. Wood has years of experience, both teaching and singing professionally. There’s nothing she loves more than sharing her stories about her time working on Disney cruise lines or singing off-Broadway, and it makes the knowledge she dispenses all the more invaluable.


So thank you, Mrs. Wood. Thank you for being a caretaker and inspiration, somebody who brings light and laughter and song to Liberty every day. We all love you.