LSN: Lib’s realeSt godseNds

Hallie Chen, Editor In Chief

From the opening theme song to the closing bloopers, Liberty Student News has been a hilarious, heart-warming Liberty tradition for years. Every month, we get to take five minutes out of each class to gather around projectors for a full twenty minutes of laughter.

It’s the best deal ever.

I still remember watching my first LSN ever, sitting on the gym floor with my freshman P.E. class a couple days in to school. It was one of my first tastes of Patriot spirit, and it made a deep impression. No other school that I had ever attended seemed to even care about sports captains or club presidents, and here they were, being specifically highlighted. No other school had ever even dressed up for spirit days, and here all of ASB was, dabbing in their superhero costumes.

Whether it be the anchors transitioning from piece to piece while lounging in their trademark brown arm chairs, or the people behind the scenes editing four-second long titles for hours, it makes me so proud to have such talented, creative, and passionate people representing Liberty. It makes me proud to be a Patriot.

So, this month, I’d like to thank the video production kids for their hard work, jokes, and for hitting all those angles.