Liberty’s Beautiful Campus

Brianna Nelson, Entertainment Editor

In the fall red, orange, and yellow leaves litter the ground creating a golden path around the school. As the weather gets colder, the leaves fade away and the smell of wet pine needles fills the air. Soon spring comes around and bright flowers begin to bloom all over the campus. When June comes around and the year comes to an end, students leave the idea of school as far behind as possible and head off on their summer vacations. When they return in September the school’s campus is lively and welcoming.


Everyday hundreds of students walk around Liberty’s campus and pass the beautiful trees and colorful flower beds, but most do not take the time to think about who planted them or who takes care of them.


Most students do not realize the amount of work put into keeping Liberty’s campus clean and beautiful. Students tend to not appreciate how fortunate they are to attend a school that is surrounded by trees and wildlife rather than a cityscape or dry, flat land.


So here’s to the groundskeepers that keep Liberty’s campus lively and beautiful all throughout the year. Thank you for everything that you do!