ISF and all the opportunities that it brings us

Emily Bassett, News Editor

Whether you do robotics, VOICE mentoring, music, or just took English your freshman year, you’ve been impacted by programs funded by the Issaquah Schools Foundation.

The foundation began in 1987 by a few families who saw a need for new rugs in their children’s kinderegarten classroom. In the past year, the foundation has raised over 3 million dollars to fund various things around the district–things that basic state funding doesn’t cover–like classroom enrichment grants or the PSAT scholarship.

I’m beyond thankful for ISF because of the opportunities that it brings; both to myself and to other students. Through a program that allows students to become an active part of the foundation, I found a group of adults and students who are excited about learning and teaching others. They’ve given me countless opportunities to explore my passion for teaching throughout the district.

From making sure no child goes hungry before school to ensuring all students have access to after-school tutoring, ISF works to make the students in this district the best that they possibly can be. They are our biggest allies and the loudest cheerleaders, and they have a true desire to help every single student in the district become the best that they can be, regardless of their backgrounds or test scores.

Thank you, ISF, for inspiring me and those around me to be better than we could have ever imagined–we couldn’t have done it without you and the wealth of opportunities that you offer us.