Being not sick is amazing

Jake Hokins, Opinion Editor

It is common knowledge these days that we never truly appreciate our health until it’s gone. We never realize the privilege it is to breathe normally until your nose is clogged with enough garbage to fill a milk jug. We never truly appreciate a full night of rest until you’ve spent 3 nights in a row sitting in your bed coughing. We take for granted the sound of our own voice until every word we utter becomes the croak of someone dying that is 4 times our age.

Well I have once again made that mistake. I am writing this while sick, and I cannot wait to be better. Simply not being sick is one of the greatest things that you can be.

When you are not sick you are able to just be yourself. Your body is functioning properly and you can just enjoy the world. You can run without getting winded after 4 seconds or be around people without fear of infecting everyone you know.

Being sick prevents us from doing the things we like to do, it confines us to staying home and resting. Every fun thing that we can do, every sport, friend, activity, everything is off limits when you are sick. Being healthy allows us to do what we love.

So I am done with making the mistake of not appreciating my health. I am thankful for when I am healthy, and I don’t plan to forget it. I hope you do the same.