BP Profile: Skiing kid

After water skiing every day of the summer, you eagerly count the days until the first snow falls.

You walk through the hallways every day, fully decked out in your ski gear. Your classmates have learned to duck whenever you walk around a corner so they don’t get hit in the head by your skis.

Every night, you set an hourly alarm so you can wake up to check for snow. As you wake up to your alarm at 3am, you see a few tiny white particles falling from the sky.

Sprinting to your car, you make it to a ski area only two hours before the gates open.

“Phew,” you think. “I almost wasn’t first in line”. When the area opens, you sprint through the gates, quickly flashing the $800 season pass you purchased three years in advance.

Before pushing yourself down the snowy cliff, you quickly check that the expensive fiberglass planks you call “skis” are firmly attached to your feet, assuring you are truly one with your skis.

Rushing down the mountain, you feel the wind in your face, enjoying the adrenaline rush of knowing that you could tear your ACL at any given turn.

You ski from when the area opens until it closes, fighting and yelling at the employees as they tell you that they’re closed for the day.

As you ski 24/7 for the next four months, you begin to dread the end of the season. When all the snow finally melts, you begin to water ski, reminiscing of the good days spent out on the snowy slopes.

You cry yourself to sleep over the end of ski season, sadly beginning to count down the days until next year.

Skiing Kid, you’re one of us.