BP Profile: Sentimental kid

You’ve always been the sentimental type. Throughout your youth, you obsessively scrapbooked and made sure to collect the signatures of every single kid in your grade for your yearbook.

As you’ve grown up, you’ve kept every single toy and stuffed animal, writing your favorite memory about that object on a small tag attached to it.

Every family vacation, you take a minimum of 750 pictures to make sure at least 749 of them are good enough to put into your photo album. You write a detailed caption for each one to remember how you felt when taking that photo.

“You just don’t understand!” you exclaim as you try to explain to your dad why you need to keep the empty bag of chips you brought on your third grade field trip. “It just means so much to me.”

After the 1st semester of freshman year, you realize you’re 1/8 of the way through high school and promptly make a scrapbook of all the things you’ve done so far.

As you near graduation your senior year, you begin crying over the smallest things. “Guys, I just realized this is my fifth to last track meet at Liberty” you say as you try to slow down time by running slower, coming in dead last.

As you take your last final, you begin sobbing over the fact that you’ll no longer have the opportunity to stress and worry over whether or not you’ll get the test back to put in your academic scrapbook.

Finally, at graduation, you collapse on the podium, your heart having broken over leaving behind the good memories of extreme stress and sleep deprivation.

Sentimental Kid, you’re one of us.