Outdoor walkways add variety to our lives

Allison Rafert, Opinion Editor

Considering some high schools are made up of crumbling brick exteriors, wrought iron fences, barred windows, and graffitied walls, we’re pretty lucky.


Ever since Liberty’s latest remodel, our campus has been embellished with attractive, natural wood finishes accenting the beautified greenery, and one can’t describe the wonderful aspects of our school without mentioning the numerous outdoor walkways.


In contrast to the suffocatingly overcrowded indoor hallways, outdoor walkways allow students to move at their own pace without getting caught in a traffic jam on their way to class.


These walkways also supply students with variety by providing different options of getting to class via stairs, ramps, or weaving through the scenic gravel paths enclosed by the history and English halls. There are even various locations to sit along the way or enjoy an open air lunch.


As horrible as it may seem, many students spend the entire day without setting a single foot outside, and it often causes us to end our last class in a groggy, irritated state. Although, this can easily be avoided by utilizing the outdoor walkways and their rejuvenating quality.


I’m always eager when given the opportunity to experience the refreshing weather in the middle of the day, even if it is on a long walk to the portables. Whether the season requires sandals, rain boots, or ice skates, there is consistently something to look forward to outside.


So next time you complain about your wet shoes and frizzy hair, don’t overlook all of the hidden and underappreciated treasures Liberty’s outdoor walkways provide and take advantage of these charming characteristics in the future.