Backpage Profile: Pumpkin spice kid

You wake up to a text alert from Starbucks: “Pumpkin Spice season is back!” You’ve waited all year for this day, and you’re prepared to make the most of it. After changing into your pumpkin-themed orange outfit and spritzing yourself with pumpkin spiced fragrance, you head out.

A pit stop at Starbucks turns into a half hour stay as you consume every PS product available to sustain yourself throughout the day. Your window of time to purchase pumpkin spice is devastatingly limited, but you make up for it with how much you plan to devour.

Arriving at school for the day—chewing on your pumpkin spice gum—you inform all your friends about the new developments regarding the most important flavor of all. You continually sip on your pumpkin spice latte and Frappuccino while writing in your orange pen to remind everyone that it’s PUMPKIN SPICE season.

Lunch brings out your fall-themed lunch bag and more pumpkin spice: bread, butter, cookies, and drinks all flavored with pumpkin. You even bring homemade pumpkin spices to sprinkle on your impure, pumpkin-spice-lacking lunch items.

After two more classes of the teacher lacking to mention pumpkin spice, you drive home: to Starbucks. When you find out their PS supply has run out, you frantically drive to Starbucks in the area to find your next hit. Finally satisfied with your PSL from a Starbucks in Spokane, you head home to more homemade pumpkin bread and cookies. As you drift off to sleep, you wish for the morning—and more PS—to come soon.

Pumpkin Spice Kid, you’re one of us.